Tree Removal

Tree Removal by Dawsons Tree Care

Dawson is able to extract a tree without damaging the surrounding area. No fallen timber to mar your lawn. Dawson’s extraction process is surgical.

Dead and dying trees are dangerous to your family and your home and assets. Safely removing a dead, dying or precarious tree before it causes damage can be done by Dawsons Tree Care. 

– Safe, Affordable, Efficient –

Dawsons Tree Care has all the equipment needed to professionally remove your trees, including a Nifty Lift SD64, A 70ft Sider Lift, 2 aerial bucket trucks, and a 100ft crane. 

Dawsons large capacity Prentice Log Loader can handle very large trunks and is one of the safest ways to remove the trunks and limbs of large trees. 

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